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Promotional activities of any brand are now popular on social networking sites. Hence, being a social media platform, Instagram is not beyond this list. Yes, People are using Instagram for sharing their daily life activities as well as promoting business ideas and using it as a marketing tool.  

You want to get enough reach for your post, right? But you know getting enough responses can be a tough thing. However, using the igtools APK, it can be a potential solution!

Yes, you can get more responses by one click through this app. Ig tools APK can help to get more engagement of the post through more likes, and comments and help to increase the followers of the Instagram id.

Let’s have a deep insight!

What is IgTools APK?

Ig tools APK is the short form of Instagram tools APK. This is one of the most versatile apps which is designed to enhance and streamline the experience of Instagram. Ig tools APK is designed to gain more followers and engagements on the Instagram account. Nowadays, Instagram is a very popular and smart sector of social media for posting and sharing pictures, videos, short reels, and so on. There are so many influencers who use Instagram to promote various brands and their works.

In this sector, in tools apps can help to enhance the Instagram post by getting more likes, comments, views, etc.

A short overview of this app

Ig tools APK is a totally free and effective app that helps to increase the number of followers and engagements of the Instagram account. This app is compatible with Android and helps to get genuine followers effortlessly.

Application name   Description
Ig tools APK     This is a free app that works to increase engagement of Instagram posts, likes, comments, and so on.
Ranking           This app is currently popular for gaining genuine followers with one click. It enhances the process of getting the toughest job like getting likes, comments, followers, etc.
Compatible withThis app is compatible with Android 4.3+
DeveloperIt is developed for Instagram app and it was founded by igtools company.
Get this appIgtools app is available here

Specs of IgTools app

It is important to know the facts and factors of any app before using it. So, the App specs of Igtools are given below: 

Package namecom.igtor.official
Size5 MB
Requires android 5.0+
Last updateSeptember 21, 2023

Why should you use IgTools APK?

Igtools APK is enhancing the Instagram experience and gives a wide range of new features and functions. Ig tools offer such functionality which helps to boost the presence of Instagram.

Here, I would like to mention some of the features of Ig tools APK which help you to understand why you should use this app.

Instagram Followers Tracker

If you would like to track your Instagram followers easily, then igtools app should be your best choice. Because it helps to track your follower’s number and monitor the growth of your Instagram ID.

It analyzes audience behavior and shows content accordingly. As this app helps to show insights into the demographic value and followers’ interest, you can easily understand them and can make content that your targeted audience will like most.

Post Analysis

If you would like to improve the content of your Instagram and enrich the engagement of your content, then you should have to analyze your post regularly. This is a crucial job indeed. Here, igtools does a fantastic job.

It gives comprehensive analytics which helps to evaluate the progress of your Instagram content. Through this app, your content-making performance and progress can be evaluated by evaluating the number of likes, comments, and engagement rates, and enhances the success in the sector of post engagements.  

Hashtag Generator

To increase the reach of the Instagram post, it is important to choose the right hashtag. It helps to boost your Instagram content a lot. This app has the features of making powerful hashtags which helps to find out the most popular and trendy hashtag on Instagram. 

Through this hashtag generator system, you will be able to attract a wide range of people to your Instagram profile.  

Photo Editor

Igtools has an effective editor for editing photos. This will help you to enhance your image before you are going to share it. There are so many options of filters that you can apply to your photo. Then, you can adjust your photos, increase the brightness and crop, resize, and contrast the photo.

Moreover, this photo editing tool makes your life easy and by using it, you can effortlessly attract your audience.  

Account Analysis

Analyzing the performance of your Instagram account is important to get the ultimate reach of your Instagram content. This app provides detailed insights into your Instagram account such as the growth of the followers, audience demographic, and engagement rate. 

By analyzing these, you can easily identify where you need improvements and what types of strategies you should follow for further improvement.   

This app mainly guides you to improve the quality of your content and enhance the overall presence of your Instagram profiles. So hopefully, you can understand why you should use this app for better progress on your Instagram account. 

Top 10 features of Igtools

Well, this app has so many features that are very helpful. Among them, here I would like to mention the top ten features that you should have to consider. The top 10 features of Igtools are:

1. Get free likes

To reach a higher audience, getting likes plays an important role. Igtools does a fantastic job of getting unlimited followers on your account.

2. Get unlimited comments

This one provides an abundance of comments based on your interest. You can select what type of comment you do prefer and what emoji you like. At a time, 10,000 comments can be made to your post through this app.

3. Boost your stories and post

Igtools helps to boost your Instagram ID’s stories and posts. So, use its features to get a boost for your content.

4. Get followers

With very simple techniques you can avail a good amount of followers by using this app. When you see you get so many likes, comments, and shares of your post, automatically you will see that your number of followers also is increasing.

Likes and comments are magnets! It attracts people to engage with the content and helps to grow the ID more.

5. Increase views

Igtools has fantastic features for creating trendy hashtags, captions, etc. This is going to help increase views.

6. Give popularity instantly

You can add real followers as you want using this app. And in social media those who have more followers, he/she becomes the social media icon.

7. Supercharge your story views

There is a secret weapon igtools story views which will help you to get loads of views on the story.

8. Boost engagement of your reels

This app helps you to grab the attention of your followers to your reels. This amazing app has key tools for engaging people with reels.

9. Customize your poll votes

Well, you can set a poll to make a decision and you can change the results of the votes at your preference. What type of result would you like to come, igtools help you to do that.

10. Ad free experience

If you want to experience an ad-free version of igtools, that is also possible. Download the MOD version igtools to experience the best ad-free app.


As you would like to install this app, you must to know the pros and cons of the app. Then it will be easy for you to decide whether you should go for it or not.  First, the pros are mentioned here:

Easy access: Well, this app is totally free to use. It’s even more simple to install and easily you can access all of the things inside of this app.

Lightweight: The Igtools app does not take up more space on your phone. With limited space, you will be able to use this app.

Real followers: However, this app works for generating real followers to your Instagram account rather than fake ones.

Safe and secure: This app is 100% safe and secure. Moreover, it never asks for any personal information.

No extra permission: Sometimes apps want so many other permissions and allowances to install properly. But this app doesn’t ask anything like that.

User friendly: This app is so easy to access and a simple way to use.  

Unlimited features: You can enjoy so many features within this one app which really help you to enhance the growth of your real account.


This igtools APK has demerits too. Let’s talk about those.

Android only: Unfortunately, this app is only available for the Android version. This is really a huge demerit for this app.

Pc hurdle: This app won’t simply install on the PC and laptop. You have to take the help of BlueStacks to install this app.

Crashes sometimes: Another major problem of this app is it can hiccup occasionally.

Require internet connection: Last but not least, you can not run this app without an internet connection. So, it is a must-have if you want to run this app. 

How to download igtools app’s latest version?

If you feel excited about installing this app on your Android smartphone, then check this step-by-step guideline to know how easily you can get this app on your phone. So, here you go:

Step – 1: Go to the link      

First, open a browser on your smartphone and search for the igtools app. On here, you will get the download link of the this app.

Here, another information I would like to share is to select “unknown sources” from the security settings of your phone. That can help you to get help from any type of scam and fake link.

Step 2: Download the APK file

Now, you have to download the app and the link of this app can remain in the drive section of your Google account.

Step – 03: installation process

When your downloading process is completed, you have to go to the download file and tap on the file to install the app properly.

Step- 04: Complete installation and run the app

After completing the installation process, you have to let the app system do its job.  Now, you can open the app and use its feature to get more followers, unlimited likes, comments, views of the story, and even votes. 

This app will be your amazing tool to improve your journey on Instagram.

How to use this app?

Well, now it’s time to unlock this gem tool to get all the features.

1. First, you have to open the igtools app and then choose the features that you would like to use. For better understanding, here I would like to attach a reference picture.

2. Secondly, move forward to log in to your Instagram account in this app. Here, if you would like to use any other separate account to use, you can do it.

3. Finish the ReCaptcha to prove that you are not a robot. It’s for maintaining safety.

4. After that, you can log into the page and one thing you have to remember is that your account should be in public mode and ensure that you already posted 4 to 5 things.

5. After completing the login procedure, you are able to go to the main dashboard. Here, you will get the features that you will need. From various types of features, you can choose your desired option.

How to get igtools followers free?

Well, this is a very easy and simple process. And here is the process:

1. First, you need to go to select the service and there you need to log in with your main account where you need to add more followers. 

2. After that, you have to write the number of followers that you actually want to add and then hit the submit button. But one thing you need to remember is that you can add 40 followers in a single attempt.

Here, I would like to add a demo picture so that you can get a better understanding.

However, if you would like to add more than 40 followers to your Instagram account, then this is also possible. Don’t panic. You just need to repeat the system of adding followers. Then, you will see you get 40 followers more.  

Actually, there is no limitation to adding followers in the system of igtools. So, for what would you like to wait? Go and grab its features to enrich your Instagram account more.  


Is the Instafollow app safe?

Instafollow is not that much of a safe app. Here is the possibility to hack your account. There are so many other insight apps like Followers + and Instafollow that have a security issue.


In this technology-based era, everyone wants to become a celebrity on their social media. But nowadays this job is not easy. Getting organic followers, likes, comments, and engagements on the post is not easy. But igtools APK makes this process easy.

Without any tough effort and any cost, you can make more followers and engagements to your Instagram account. Moreover, this app is safe and secure to keep all the data.

So, if you would like to use any app that gives you a little bit of boost to your main account, then you can go for this APK.

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